Inquisition, Korgonthurus – Live Report

On a gloomy Friday in November, the weekend began with an exquisite serving of black metal by Tuska Live: Mighty Inquisition were in Finland again for two shows, the first of which was taking place in Helsinki at Nosturi. Local Korgonthurus, who had just released their album ‘Vuohen Siunaus’ then, were bringing their brand of black metal to start the night. Slightly disappointed that neither Rotting Christ nor Schammasch who had toured Europe with Inquisition the weeks before, it was nevertheless an evening to be excited about. Inquisition are always worth seeing, and I was looking forward to seeing Korgonthurus for the first time as I liked what I had heard so far.

The crowd was still quite small when Korgonthurus started to release their demons, but untypical for Finland the people that were there stood in the front. The mix of raw, energetic parts with the occasional atmospheric intervals immediately made its way to my little black metal heart, and even elicited some head nods from my otherwise firm black metal stance that was only broken up by the occasional sip of beer.

Korgonthurus (Photo by Eija Mäkivuoti)

With Huuda Huora Huuda the atmosphere got more aggressive and intense, black metal slowly but surely arrived at Nosturi. The often high pitched, at times more grimey screeches filled Nosturi up some more, and it felt like the black metal fix I had urgently needed was finally here. Classic in appearance with corpse paint and over-sized inverted crosses Korgonthurus’ music went straight for it, and I only wished they would play later in the evening in front of a sold-out venue, the place seething with energy because they could absolutely killed it based on the intensity they already showed on stage on an early Friday night. They played black metal, pure and simple, but they did it oh so well, leaving me wanting for more even though not all songs carried the same intensity.

Korgonthurus (Photo by Eija Mäkivuoti)

For Inquisition, Nosturi was still not packed but at least decently full. And when Dagon and Incubus entered the stage applause erupted. Nothing less than a hypnotizing night of magick was awaited. Dagon took on his low warrior stance (this not only makes it look like he owns the whole front stage, it also always gives me the chance to admire those boots!), and they unleashed their musical beast. It was full on from the first riffs, the backdrop becoming only visible once the glaring lights subsided a bit.

Inquisition (Photo by Eija Mäkivuoti)

The crowd in front of the stage became a moshing ocean of hair ebbing back and forth to the beat that Incubus thrashed out of those drums while Dagon’s unique vocals wove their way through the wall of sound invoking the black metal spirits on this dark November night. A few guys tried to get a hyper enthusiastic moshpit going but the black metallers around them had none of it so that in the end one of the security guys came to tell them to take it down a notch. This was a black metal show after all, curb your enthuiasm! But even for those not moshing, it was impossible to keep a strict black metal stance and not get sucked into the obscure maelstrom. But let’s admit it, everyone at that gig gladly let themselves be crushed by that black vortex.

Inquisition (Photo by Eija Mäkivuoti)

Songs like Hymn for a Dead Star were greeted with cheers, and the pulsating percussion and rhythm, the tantalizing melodies escaped with you to the stars only to explode in a blast of dazzling darkness so you lost all orientation and were lost blind in low, slow, raw and archaic energy. The Metal Phenomen’s resident photographer Eija Mäkivuoti’s comment was that her toes were wiggling, it was that good. However, one unfortunately always must emerge from this mesmerizing black metal bubble, and when you are welcomed by people singing Backstreet Boys when going to the toilet, your bubble gets burst faster than you think…

Check out the full gallery by Eija Mäkivuoti here.

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