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Summer is coming, even if the weather in Finland seems to have forgotten about that. But what we haven't forgotten is that this means Steelfest is around the corner to get the summer festival season started with two days full of the blackest of metal. Besides international highlights like Marduk and Mgła, as usual there is also a strong Finnish fraction ready to storm the two stages. One of those bands is Korgonthurus who released their second full length 'Vuohen Siunaus' last year and convinced live e.g. as local support for Inquisition. A few days before the festival is about to start, bass player Necron took the time to answer some questions.

The Metal Phenomenon: Could you introduce yourself and your background shortly?

Necron: I am Necron, the bassist in this lineup. I joined the band in the year 2002, I think. In the beginning I played guitars in our first releases (excluding demos), but as time went on I switched into bass-guitar.

TMP: Could you tell a bit about the history of Korgonthurus?

N: Korgonthurus was formed in the late year 2000 by Sedit, Kryth and Corvus. Originally, the band was called Soulless. When Corvus joined the group, the trio played under the name Soulless short period of time but decided to switch the name to Korgonthurus. This line-up lasted about a year, when this trio decided that they need a bass player in the band, so then Fyrgo joined. Wih this line up the band recorded the second demo 'Black Wings of Hate' and quite fast after the release, Korgonthurus split up. The year of 2002 was the year of resurrection of Korgonthurus. Kryth and Corvus decided to wake up the beast once again with a totally new lineup. Since 2002, we have been active more or less with different line ups. About the band's name, I think that the original trio ( Kryth, Sedit and Corvus) came up with the name. The original logo was designed by Corvus.

Korgonthurus (Photo by Johanna Salo-Schorn)

Korgonthurus (Photo by Johanna Salo-Schorn)

TMP: Between the last full-length in 2009 and 'Vuohen Siunaus' last year, quite some time has passed. Why did it take so long for the new album to be released?

N: Between 'Vuohen Siunaus' and 'Marras' seven years passed indeed. I think the reason was other priorities at the time, and of course line up issues. We started rehearsing the songs ages ago with a different drummer, but eventually it all fell apart and we almost started everything from scratch.

TMP: How has the band settled in with the changes in band members?

N: "Recent" changes in the line up are the two guitarists, which we asked to join as a session members to help us on this one mini tour what we were suppose to do back in 2012 I think. Eventually, they were considered as permanent members since the chemistry within the band is perfect and we all share the same vision with music wise.

TMP: How have music and lyrics developed between 'Marras' and 'Vuohen Siunaus'?

N: Music and lyrics are mainly created by Corvus and Kryth. They lay down the base of the songs, and we others put our own spice into it. In the beginning of Korgonthurus the lyrics were more primitive and aggressive, I think that nowadays they have a more philosophical aspect in them compared to the early works. Also musically we all have developed, of course. Korgonthurus has been in this world for seventeen years so there has been natural development music wise. Most of the band has other bands on the side, so I believe that those aspects have also some influence in our music.

TMP: The lyrics are in Finnish – was that a conscious decision and have you ever considered using in English?

N: On the second demo, the guys tried lyrics in English, but it did not feel the same as in Finnish.

TMP: What are the most important moods, aspects, emotions, impressions, experiences that Korgonthurus wants to transport and evoke with its music?

N: Korgonthurus, for us, is a way to channel our hatred towards mankind, despise towards Christianity and a way to express our satanic believes.

TMP: How do you see the relation between the atmospheric, melancholic aspect and the pure fucking black metal parts of the music?

N:I guess in our musical history we have all of those in our catalogue. We never think about the relations with those aspects. The songs are written as they come. It can be a mixture of all of those if it fits into the atmosphere of the song. To put it all in a nutshell, we just do what we feel like.

TMP: What do you think sets Korgonthurus apart from other (Finnish) black metal bands?

N: That is a really hard question. I cannot say.

TMP: You are soon playing Steelfest – what can one expect from your show there? N: An energetic and aggressive show. Half an hour of pure hatred!

Korgonthurus (Photo by Johanna Salo-Schorn)

Korgonthurus (Photo by Johanna Salo-Schorn)

TMP: What are your thoughts on Steelfest?

N: Hard to say about other guys opinion,but I think that it is fucking awesome that someone has the energy and dedication to organize these fine events. This year, Steelfest has an incredible line-up and I personally cannot wait to see Marduk's set.

TMP: What are your future plans?

N: The future plans are quite simple. After Nummirock festival, we are concentrating on composing the new album, and hopefully we could do a European tour at some point in life. What else ? Only time will tell.

TMP: Anything to add?

N: Check out our merchandise through our label Woodcut Records. People can also get the stuff through the band also via email.

Korgonthurus play at Steelfest on Friday, 19 May at 17:00.

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