Electric Wizard w/ Tombstoned, Hooded Menace - Live Report

March ended in a good way, with a groovy evening courtesy of Hooded Menace, Tombstoned and Electric Wizard at The Circus. Not surprisingly for a Friday evening, there was already a decent crowd present for Hooded Menace who made sure everyone got right into the groove. The band sounded good, even better with that first weekend beer in hand. The mood ranged from powerful and empowering to delicate and almost heartbreaking – the evening long musical journey had begun.

Hooded Menace (Photo by Marco Manzi)

Next up were Tombstoned who directed the growing audience to the more psychedelic part of the evening’s trip. It seemed like fireflies were swarming across the stage and a cozy, almost gooey atmosphere flowed through the venue. The melodic vocals travelled across deep vibrations throughout the rocking set.

Tombstoned (Photo by Marco Manzi)

Since seeing them at Tuska Metal Open Air Festival in 2017, I could not wait to see Electric Wizard live again and audience at the packed Circus seemed to fully agree with me. As the final act of the night Electric Wizard guided us through an occult, groovy, sexy doom black mass supported by the always impeccable video projections.

Electric Wizard (Photo by Marco Manzi)

Massive smiles appeared on many faces as Electric Wizard meandered from old to new material and back, and it was impossible not to vibe with the band, a constant ebb and flow of energy. Electric Wizard made it so easy, so alluring to jump head first, to let yourself fall into the doom vortex, giving you a good whirl around but always making sure you floated back up for air and felt snugly wrapped up and safe in the musical cocoon only to emerge as a luminous, occult butterfly after the gig.

Electric Wizard (Photo by Marco Manzi)

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