Steelfest 2019

Winter is only slowly relenting its power to spring this year, the ice is melting away lazily. But that does not mean one cannot already get started with planning summer festivals, and for sure one can get excited to enjoy some great bands, beers and pleasant chats with friends in hopefully summerlike and sunny weather by now.

The first chance for the extreme metal crowd to do or at least hope for this in Finland is as always Steelfest - the by now official summer festival season opener. And while the festival cannot control the weather, they certainly do make sure the music part is fulfilling its promise.

This year, Steelfest takes place from Friday, May 17 to Saturday, May 18. The location is as always the Old Wool Factory in Hyvinkää in Southern Finland where over 30 bands from all over the world will raise hell on one indoor and one outdoor stage.

From Finnish favorites like Trollheim’s Grott, ...and Oceans and TotalSelfHatred to the Scandinavian metal hordes of Mysticum, Marduk, Naglfar, Aeternus and Einherjer and always killer bands like Asphyx, Immolation and Mgła, Steelfest serves up a combo that is impossible to resist. So now that this is sorted, let’s keep knocking on wood, bribing the goddesses, demons and possibly also the angels that the weather will fulfill the summer part of the festival.

You can get your ticket to the festival at Tiketti (91,50€ for a 2 day ticket, 62,50€ for Friday and 51,50€ for Saturday + Tiketti fees).

For more information on schedules and such, visit

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